ESL America Season II: Teams Announced for Invite
After announcing Season II of ESL America, it is now time to announce the teams that have been accepted our invitation for the Professional division. These teams are very known and are the tried and true best of North America. There is little more to say other than to wish them good luck in this upcoming season. The teams for the Invite Division are:
Gravitas Gaming
Back to Back
Wild Card from Placement
eMazing Gaming
SK Gaming Ladies
Blight Gaming

Details about CS Invite Division:

Invite Division Details:

Countries: United States Canada
Age restriction: all players must be at least 16 years old
Maps: dust2, inferno, train, nuke, tuscan,
Scoring: MR15 play to win
Overtime: No Overtime
Sides: knife for sides
Anticheat: Aequitas required for each match
Fee: 100USD per team

Also we would like to remind you that there are 4 spots open, for your team to join the Invite league and not only compete with the best of the best but for a 1600USD prize pot. How can you do that? Simply write an e-mail to application@esl-america.net. The e-mail must include the following:
Title: Game Team Name
Team success in past 2 years
URL to the team on ESL website

Applications which do not include those things will not be taken under the consideration.

Also we encourage the rest of the scene to sign up for the Open Division which is free and maybe one day you will have a chance to compete with the best. For more information's go to ESL Season II news.

// Admins
Kuchcio, Tuesday, 07/14/09 03:33
ESL America Season II
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applying now :X heh
sup mang !!!
Should be an awesome season
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