IEM Gamescom Americas Starcraft 2 Championships
The qualifiers are over, and now the time has come to determine who the two top Starcraft 2 progamers will be to represent America at the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge. Read more for the details of the tournament!
Hundreds of players now withered down to 16 of Americas finest Starcraft 2 progamers. All 16 will be placed in a double elimination bracket to determine who will be making the trip to Germany. The player who wins the Winner Bracket along with the player who wins the Loser bracket will be our two champions of the Americas. Without further ado lets take a look at the 16 player seeds for the Championship bracket:

IEM America Championship Bracket Players

1. [image loading] FnaticMSI.Fenix - Invited
2. [image loading] EG.Idra- Invited
3. [image loading] Dignitas.SeleCT- Invited
4. [image loading] Dignitas.KiLLeR- Top Go4SC2 Player Invitation
5. [image loading] Attero - Cup 70 Seed
6. [image loading] coL.Drewbie- Cup 70 Seed
7. [image loading] FnaticMSI.KawaiiRice - Cup 70 Seed
8. [image loading] FnaticMSI.TT1 - Cup 70 Seed
9. [image loading] EG.Axslav - Cup 71 Seed
10. [image loading] Qxg.Agh - Cup 71 Seed
11. [image loading] NamchiR - Cup 71 Seed
12. [image loading] ONE.Sonkie - Cup 71 Seed
13. [image loading] Sixjax.DDE - Cup 72 Seed
14. [image loading] TD.Everize - Cup 72 Seed
15. [image loading] TD.Legosu - Cup 72 Seed
16. [image loading] EG.Strifeco - Cup 72 Seed

Championship Bracket Schedule

Round 1 Winner Bracket - Wednesday, July 13th 8:00 pm EST
Round 1 Loser Bracket - Wednesday, July 13th 9:00 pm EST

Round 2 Winner Bracket Quarter Finals - Thursday, July 14th 8:00 pm EST
Round 2 Loser Bracket - Thursday, July 14th 9:00 pm EST

Round 3 Winner Bracket Semi Finals - Friday July 15th, 8:00 pm EST
Round 3 Loser Bracket - Friday July 15th 9:00 pm EST
Round 4 Loser Bracket Quarter Finals - Friday July 15th 10:00 pm EST

Round 5 Loser Bracket Semi Finals - Saturday July 16th 8:00 pm EST
Round 4 Winner Bracket Finals - Saturday July 16th 9:00 pm EST
Round 6 Loser Bracket Finals - Saturday July 16th 10:30 pm EST

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Featured Streamers

AxelToss - KatuStarcraft - RageQuit.TV

Get ready for a great set of games to take place in the next few days. As always we wish all the programers the best of luck, and of course Have Fun!

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D4nny, Tuesday, 07/12/11 04:46
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So exciting. Cannot wait for this.
Excellent games definitely incoming!
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