Press requests and accreditations

Community Press

If you are a member of the press and need one of the following
- Information about ESL
- Interviews with ESL Organizers / Turtle Entertainment Employees
- Accreditation for ESL events (like Intel Friday Night Games)
or anything else regarding Electronic Sports League or the Intel Extreme Masters, do not hesitate to contact our press corps at online-pr@turtle-entertainment.de. Your contacts for all press needs are:

Contact Julia 'diejule' Christophers and Stefan 'otacon' Klopsch
Telephone +49 221 880449 654
E-mail online-pr@turtle-entertainment.de


If you are working for a publishing company, newspaper, radio or TV station and if you want to accredit for an event of the Electronic Sports League or want to get further information, please appeal by e-mail to presse@turtle-entertainment.de. You can call us on +49 221 880449242. Press releases and background information are available at http://www.turtle-entertainment.de

Contact Adrian Weiß
Telephone +49 221 880449 242
E-mail presse@turtle-entertainment.de

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