NESL Pro Series Finals Commences!
After 7+ weeks of intense game play, only four teams were set to make it into the EPS finals and secure a chance to compete for $15k in total prizes and ultimately secure a spot for the next season. Within the next 2-3 weeks, watch your favorite North American teams battle to crown themselves the first champions of the Pro Series!

Final Standings

1. Team Curse Pro Series
2. Team SoloMid
3. Team FeaR
4. Team Dignitas Pro Series
5. Counter Logic Gaming EPS
6. Epik Gamer
7. TeamLegion.LoL
8. Team4Not.Pro Series

Explaining the tie-breaking process

The tie-breaking rule was adopted from the IEM handbook which states:

"If at any point, the number
of tied participants is reduced or divided into several groups of tied participants, the still tied participants will
in each case be compared again starting with the first point.
• Points amassed between the tied participants ('Mini-League')
• Score difference between the tied participants ('Mini-League')
• Score (number of wins in the Score Difference) between the tied participants ('Mini-League')
• LoL only: Higher time coefficient between the tied participants
• Overall score difference
• Overall score (number of wins in the Score Difference).
• LoL only: Higher overall time coefficient
• If after all 5 (LoL 7) points the teams are indistinguishable, a decider match or matches have to be
played, in an attempt to separate the participants in question. In special cases, the tournament
direction can rule on a different way to determine the order in an unsolvable tie (i.e. coin toss)."

In simpler terms, the 5 teams that were tied were compared by wins against each other, with the scores showing as followed:

mTw: 2-2
TSM: 3-1
Epik: 1-3
CLG: 2-2
d: 2-2

We further simplified this by taking the three remaining teams still tied and compared their 'rounds played' stats against themselves, showing as followed:

mTw: 3-2
d: 3-3

CLG: 2-3

What's Next:

Team Legion and 4not will be moved out of the Pro Series and into Premier should they decide to wish to compete for a spot in any of our Pro Series in the future.

CLG and Epik (now known as TSM.Evo) will be placed against the 3rd and 4th place teams from our Premier Division in relegation matches. The top two teams of these matches will secure a spot in next season's Pro Series.

The top 4 teams will be moved into a finals bracket, with all matches to be streamed for your enjoyment!

1. Curse vs. Dignitas
2. TSM vs. mTw

Stay tuned for match details and schedules!!
Tempestual, Wednesday, 05/30/12 14:35
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