ESL Introduces Season 1 of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Hello everyone, and welcome to ESL’s first season of MW3. We know everyone has been waiting for a league to start for this game and here it is! The prizes will depend on how many teams are willing to sign up, and also how many will become premium teams. So spread the word about the NESL MW3 season, the more the better off it will be. More Premium Membership signups = bigger prize pools, not to mention all the Premium benefits that are listed here. Please note, we will only have a season if we can get a decent amount of teams. The plan is to start sometime in the next three or four weeks depending on the community level of interest.

A post will be made later on with the full rules and information about the league so this is all subject to change, but here are some points of interest we are considering:

  • There will be one match a week and you will be able to schedule it whenever you would like, but you must have to get it played by Monday at 9PM EST. If the teams can’t agree on another time they must play on their default day and time.

  • The league will be eight weeks long with a four week playoff. The map pool will be Arkaden, Bakaara, Bootleg, Carbon, Fallen, Lockdown, Resistance, and Seatown.

  • A server-addon is currently in the works and if it will be viable, it will be used for the league. It fixes fov and the server lag compensation.

  • Rcon status screenshots will need to be uploaded for every match showing the players id’s as well as the other regular screenshots.

  • Silencers will no longer be allowed.

  • Time limit will be changed to 1:30.

The same roster rule will be in place for the first six weeks, a player must join 24 hours prior to the match or the other team must agree on letting them play. This rule isn’t in effect for the first week. Starting in week seven and throughout playoffs the roster will be locked and you won’t be able to add anyone new, after you have played your week six match no one new can be added.

Please post any questions or comments and we will try and get to you as soon as possible.
J.p., Tuesday, 01/17/12 18:15
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Very excited, spread the word everyone
Little late...
It's never too late man!
I am working on getting these addons/mods to work on dedicated servers. Currently I have it running on a dedicated server on my computer. I need help with it running on dedicated server hosting companies if anyone would be of help please contact me.


How about dutch teams?
Our Chicago.
Lemmiwinks wrote:
Our Chicago.

What hosting company do you use? I could not get it working on our NFO in Chicago.

Tony wrote:
How about dutch teams?

It depends on whether or not the server addon works. Players with a ping over like 175ish have a huge advantage over players with decent pings, because the lag compensation in MW3 is terrible.
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Was just making a joke about how if a Dutch team was playing that they would have to play on a default Chicago server... lol -____-

Haven't attempted installing a mod.
I would like to see this game go somewhere but its hard no one ever goes on irc to get a scrim or anything.. lets go people lets make something happen!
Where is the dang link for the team list for season 1 >.< cant find a link to it anywhere.

Also, I should be getting a few servers up that will have promod on them later today.
why are silencers no longer allowed?
rannox wrote:
Where is the dang link for the team list for season 1 >.< cant find a link to it anywhere.

maple syrup wrote:
why are silencers no longer allowed?

The maps are not suited for them.
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^ People were probably sad they had to rely on callouts and not a little red dot on their minimap.
^ lol i mean they never bothered my team and we been competive for years. more power to the ones that use thier mini maps
http://darkhare.com is up and running with pre-built Promod servers.

If need-be I'll sponsor a few servers for the tournament.
Played in one last night.. Really freaks you out a bit when your don't have any bob when you're running >.>
Hey guys, it looks like this season is not going to happen. There just are not enough teams to make a season viable. This post has been up for almost a month now and only 20 teams have signed up. I am sorry if you were looking forward to a season.
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i thought teams had until the 28th to sign up? why not just run the season with 16 teams?
I'm sorry, it just isn't worth hosting a season for so few teams. I know there are a couple teams that signed up that won't field a team for the season, plus many will die. Bottom line there just isn't enough interest anymore.
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