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The Salad Bar Wins Go4LoL #93
Congratulations to The Salad Bar for winning the next to last Go4LoL of December! The rest of the teams also did a great job in securing more points for this month. Our casters for this week's Go4LoL were Phrank, RAPiD, Azumoqt, and CrusaderKitten. Be sure to sign up for the last Go4LoL of 2012!

Top 16 Teams of Go4LoL #93

1st (100 points + $200): The Salad Bar
2nd (75 points): Coldfront 5
3rd (60 points): compLexity.CA
4th (40 points): Team Strive

5th-8th (25 points):
Mittens and Kittens
MorganFreemans Disciples
Small Dads GO to heaven
Bubble Popper Gaming

9th-16th (10 points):
EvanRL Birthday Party Crew
Blitz Gaming B Team
Team LoL Cave
xSiN Gaming
Obliteration Nation
Team Cohesive
Objective eSports
Team Motive

Go4LoL #93 VODs (Casted by Phrank, RAPiD, Azumoqt, and CrusaderKitten)

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Orcasm, Monday, 12/24/12 19:25
Go4LoL #93 Brackets
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