Infinity And Friends vs. Little T-rex Arms
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 Infinity And Friends
 Little T-rex Arms
Status: closed
MatchID 25768436
Date Sunday, 03/25/12 16:00
Calculated 03/25/12 16:20
map Summoner's Rift
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0 : 1
Little T-rex Arms wins !
Points 0 : +2
Infinity And Friends

Bp Fearless

Hell Ninja



T-Rex Victorious
Other Team accidentally put that they were victorious when we were victorious. We have screen shots to prove this fact.
Little T-rex Arms
03/25/12 16:26
The other team is claming they won
Little T-rex arms won. infinity and friends put it so they won and we cant change it we have screenshots
Wrong Team
Team Trex won teh match and derserves to move on. Our team lost to them.
we won
the other team claimed they won on accident when we won i provided screenshots and everything of this
wrong info
the wrong info was inputted iaf did not win t-rex was the victor
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