Pre Season Cup #7
This Sunday we continue our new cup series and try to find out who is the best Hearthstone player in the NESL Pre Season! Are you up for the challenge and are prepared to undergo an epic showdown with other players? Do you want to prove yourself to other people? This might just be the cup for you! So prepare your deck and show us how good your decks are!
Every Sunday the open cup (open to everyone) will award $500 in prizes. The $500 will be distributed among the top 4 players, the split can be seen below:

NESL Pre Season Cup #7

NESL Pre Season Cup #7
Date Sunday, Mar 2nd, 6:00PM EST
Signup Click here to sign up!
Check-in 17:30 - 17:55 EST
Mode Best of three UNTIL Quarter Finals, Quarter Finals and on are Best of five
Match rules Size: 1on1
No deck limit
Hero restrictions: Lost Hero Can't play again until next round
Creating new decks is allowed
Max. Pause time in Best of 3: 5 minutes
Rulebook Show all rules

Prize money and ranking point distribution

Place Sunday Cup Wednesday Cup
1st Place 100 points + 250USD 100 points
2nd Place 75 points + 150USD 75 points
3rd-4th place 55 points + 50USD 55 points
5th-8th Place 25 points 25 points
9th-16th Place 10 points 10 points
17th-32nd Place 5 points 5 points

NESL Pre Season Cup continues Sunday!

Don't miss out on your chance Sunday to do battle with some of the toughest Hearthstone competitors! Fight for your piece of the $500 prize pool.
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