Test CSGO before you buy it!
With the arrival of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive right around the corner, NESL is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the Free-To-Play CS:GO Beta Shootout. That’s right! It is Free-to-Play so you don’t have to worry about having a premium account just yet! There is no better way to say “out with the old, in with the new” than a free tournament that gives players the ability to compete in the newest edition to the “Counter-Strike” franchise, and win a prize while doing so. We have over 1000 beta keys available to give to teams who desire to play in the tournament, so sign up and start practicing!

CS:GO Pre Release Beta Cup

Sign up now!

(Check-in: 4PM - :50PM EST)
Check-in is first come, first serve.
Sign up until Saturday, 5PM EST
Date: Saturday, 18th of August
Start: 5PM EST
Prizes: Top Three Recieves Premium
Size: 64/128 teams
Structure: Double Elimination

Grand Final might be played on ESL TV: Date to be announced

Basic rules:

Maps:Lower and Higher seed drop 1 map each, Higher and Lowe Seed Pick 1st and 2nd map
Teamsize: 5on5
Mode: Best of Three
Max Rounds: 15

Beginners guide to sign up:

Register on ESL
Enter your STEAM ID (e.g. 1:0:1337)
Enter a contact method (Skype, IRC, etc.) 
Click the sign up link!

ESL Wire Anti-Cheat

ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is mandatory for all players to use for the full duration of all matches without exception. If a player cannot use ESL Wire Anti-Cheat then he is not allowed to take part in a match.

Download ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Check-In work and what is it good for?

On Saturday there will be a Check-In starting at 14:00 EDT until 14:50 EDT to confirm your participation. This helps us having mostly teams in the tournament who are able to start playing the cup at 15:00 EDT so the tournament can run smoothly. NOTE: If you won't use the Check-In in the given time frame, you can't participate in the cup!

How each team will get a key?

Every team that will be signed up and create a SUPPORT TICKET with the title "CSGO Keys" will receive 5 or 6 keys depending on the number of players in a team. Maximum keys that each player will receive is 6. Please request the tickets only if you need them so teams that don't have the keys will be able to participate in this cup!

What about Servers?

Each team will need to have a Counter Strike Global Offensive Server for this tournament.

Why NESL Premium is the prize in this tournament?

The answer is simple! We are planning on doing much more with Counter Strike Global Offensive in the very near future, and this prize might come in handy in just few weeks! Winners of the NESL Premium will gain a free entry into any upcoming tournaments with prizes or the CS:GO season in the near future.

ESL Plugin

The CS:S players already know it, but of course we want to introduce it again. Next to the well-known functions, like automatically loading new serverconfigs or SSH-protection, another function got added:
esl_cashback: If a player dropped from a server, his current balance will be saved and if he come back it will be restored.

Functions of the ESL Plugin

rcon status
All information of the normal rcon status will be shown, but aditionally the version of the ESL Plugin and loaded Serverplugin.
rcon eslplugin_version
Show the current version of the plugin. (Read only)
rcon esl_update
Searching manually for updates
rcon esl_autorecord [0 / 1] (default: 0)
(At the moment there is no SourceTV, there is no function yet)
rcon esl_autoarmor [0 / 1] (default: 0)
All players get 100 Armor at the beginning of a match. This Setting is for a Knife Ladder.
rcon 5on5
With this command you can load the responsible server settings.
User Console: eslstatus
All information of the normal status will be shown, but aditionally the version of the ESL Plugin and loaded Serverplugin.
rcon esl_webstart / esl_webstop
Start/Stop the internal webserver.
rcon esl_webip
Changed the IP, which is for the Webserver
rcon esl_webport
Changed the Port, which is for the Webserver. As there is no SourceTV yet, you should set the port manually. (f.e. 27020)
rcon esl_start
Alias for mp_restartgame 3
rcon esl_gasearch [ 0 / 1 / 2] (default: 1)
Players, who got barred for cheating, are automatically blacklisted in the ESL Plugin. With this setting you can decide if you want to deactivate the function, only warn or if the player get kicked immediatly.
rcon esl_cashback [ 0 / 1 ] (default: 1)
If a player dropped from a server, his current balance will be saved and if he come back it will be restored.

ESL Server Plugin Download

There is no obligation

As the Plugin is new, there is no obligation yet. The providers have to admit the plugin in the protected-modus, thats why we will obligate it after a short testing phase. If a server has the ESL Plugin, this server has to be used for the entire match. We will inform you when we have more information.

**ONLY TEAMS FROM North and South America are able to participate!**
Kuchcio, Wednesday, 08/08/12 13:19
comments (13)
what does saturday mean? this saturday or saturday the 18th?
Sign up until Saturday, 2PM EST
Date: Saturday, 18th of August
Please Read.....
that still doesn't specify which saturday you speak of. it could either mean saturday the 11th or saturday the 18th
I want to play, but don't know how to get a CSGO Server. Do we really need to have one?
At the moment, we are unable to supply servers. Google around as I know a lot of server companies give servers.
Have any of the teams been provided keys yet? Our support ticket is still pending.
No They should be given the keys be the end of the weekend, or maybe even today depending on the amount of teams signing up properly.
Check-in opens at: 08/18/12 13:30 o'clock
Check-in closes at: 08/18/12 13:40 o'clock
Cup begins at: 08/18/12 14:00 o'clock

It should be THIS Saturday.... AKA TODAY.
looking for a team to try this new game out ;P xfire xgaming4lfiex
Still no keys :(

Oh well I get my pre order key on Monday.

The page request was not found.
gimme some times im making a team right now!!!

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