8 Team Premier Placement Cup
First off, I apologize for the short notice on this event but we had no choice with this matter. The confirmation of 3 premier teams going inactive we need to replace them as fast as possible, before next weeks matches occur. So we are holding an 8 team event on Monday the 11th of April, 2011, top 3 teams take premier positions. Every round will be best of 3 with the map pool - grid, hanoi, havana, firing range, villa. Please take note, every time that applies will have to be approved and there will be no check in system matches start at 9PM EST!!! Good luck to all teams!!

Rules - Search & Destroy

Wire Anticheat is mandatory in all games

Format:The team to score 13 rounds first wins the match. No Overtime!
Server Config: (Link) Download
Reporting a Match Result:
Once your match has been completed you will see your match listed in your 'Matches' tab, if logged in, in the lower right corner of the National ESL site. This tab will show all of your 'Open' matches. Your currently scheduled or completed match will show there. Click on the specific match to report. The 'Match Details' page will open and you will be able to report your match there.

Often times, the winning team will report the match as they want to be moved to the next round, but the losing team will hang their heads and log off the site. However, it is imperative that the losing team also confirm the match scores.

Matchmedia: At the end of the match, it is necessary to upload all final score screens. In addition to these we will also require a screenshot of enemy models at the beginning of each match from every player.
Demo: Every user has to record a demo.
Server: Every team is in charge of their own servers, any kind of P2P is strictly forbidden in this cup.

Here's the link to the full rules of the event!(Link)

We are requiring screenshots aka match-media. For this gametype this means end of halftime and regulation screenshots.

Rules - Search & Destroy Specific

Multi-bomb: Off
Bomb Plant Time: 5 seconds
Bomb Defuse Time: 7 seconds
Bomb Timer: 55 Seconds
Round Length: 1:30
Side Change: Every 6 Rounds
Score Limit: 13 (First to 13 Rounds wins the current map)

• Barebones Settings.
• All primary weapons are allowed except: Famas, Aug, Stoner, Dragunov, PSG1, WA2000 Sniper Rifles, SPAS-12 and HS10 Shotguns.
• Only the use of one sniper rifle of any kind will be allowed per team.
• Only Pistols are allowed as secondary weapons. (No Launchers/Special)
• Only smoke and frag grenades are allowed.
• Equipment is not allowed per the server config file

Cup Schedule

Map List:
• Round 1:Best of 3 (9 pm EST) 4/11/2011
• Round 2:Best of 3 (10 pm EST) 4/11/2011
• Finals:Best of 3 (11 pm EST) 4/11/2011
Map Pool: Havana,Firing Range,Hanoi,Villa,Grid.

• Teams will have a pistol round for side choice.

Roster Rules for the Cup

A player can join a team's roster one of two ways. You can add a player 24 hours before match time or you can ask your opponent to approve you adding a player. This rule is in effect after the first match (DEFAULT MATCH TIME). If a player was on the roster before the first match, then that player is eligible to play in the second round. If you try to exploit this rule, your team will forfeit.

Team Representation is required for ALL players.
• All members of a team are required to have similarity in their names, via a team TAG or clear similarity.

Dedicated Server Location by default is CHICAGO
• If your ping difference is above 60, you have the chance to play a half on a server that better suits your latency. ( If you own a server in US and Canada )

Rules - Match Casting

1. Any company that wants to shoutcast an event for the National ESL may be allowed to and has the right to choose which matches they want to shoutcast.
2. Players and teams will not be able to request shoutcasting for their match. Shoutcasters will have full choice in the matches they cast with full compliance from teams.
3. If the ESL Staff and Casters have decided to cast your match, the match may be delayed until the casters are ready.
4. No match will be delayed longer than 20 minutes.
5. If you are having issues with time/Wire please submit a ticket as soon as possible.

ESL Wire Anti-cheat

ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is mandatory for all players to use for the full duration of all matches without any exception. If a player cannot use Wire Anti-Cheat then they are not allowed to take part in a match.

How to use Wire

1. Open Wire and click on Play
2. Click on 'Add Game' and 'Add a Game Manually'
3. Select your game for the games that are listed
4. Click on browse
5. Choose Steam
6. Click on 'Common'
7. Choose the 'Call of Duty Black Ops' folder
8. Click on the icon for BlackOpsMP
9. Click 'Next'
10. Wait for the game to load. It will then ask you to launch the game to make sure you have the correct path to your game.
11. Click 'Yes'
12. Once the game has loaded, close the game and choose 'Done'

You now have successfully setup your Wire Anti Cheat program on your PC for your Game choice.

On match day, at the time of your match, a new match will show in your 'Matches' tab at lower right of your page (logged in) or in your Wire program. Use this link to connect to wire and launch your game!

stormLP, Friday, 04/08/11 19:13
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pick me pick me
where do we sign up
single elim is fail. if notoriety, 4not, or xoxo face eachother round 1 and knock someone out early this tourney's results will be totally wrong.
my team will sing up today when they all get on!
well there's only one spot left so...
fml...now we have to deal with the 200+ ping of 4not...........
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