Final Schedule for Season 1
We're at around 30 teams signed up as playing Season 1, but due to the proximity of the start date to the Fourth of July festivities, we've pushed it back to the Monday next, July 11th.
In addition, we're changing it to two matches a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. However, these matches are moveable, and you can arrange different dates/times throughout each week.

New Schedule

1st Group Stage

•July 11th/14th
•July 18th/21st
•July 25th/28th
•August 1st/4th

2nd Group Play

•August 8th/11th
•August 15th/18th
•August 22nd/25th
•August 29th/31st

Finals Bracket will Begin September 5th
pmonkLP, Thursday, 06/30/11 03:17
Sign up for the League!
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Don't think you would have a problem if the league was 5-7 dollars per person like everyone wanted...
5-7 dollars would result in a much reduced prize pool
As admin, we can use the free premium?
ryaNNN wrote:
Don't think you would have a problem if the league was 5-7 dollars per person like everyone wanted...

No, regardless of the price, it would still be a problem. If we'd done a free league, we'd of had insta-signups and over 60% of teams would then have forfeited by the middle of the season.

It's just how the NA CoD community works. However, I'd love to see them prove this stereotype incorrect.
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Good stuff, I'll have everyone paid. NA just likes to procrastinate.
we can still sign up right?
ChowZor wrote:
we can still sign up right?

Yes you can. Go ahead and get signed up and paid, the league starts the 11th and that's less than a week away.
when is the latest date to sign pu?
the 11th, read above.
havOk wrote:
the 11th, read above.

Actually, the league starts the 11th, so sign up by the 10th.
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