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If you're a Free Agent and need a team, use this thread.  Please use this format:

Name/Alias:Past Teams:
Position(s): Ex: I play mainly SMG but can AK as well.
How to contact: Xfire/IRC/etc.
Any Additional Information:  (Could be your play style, what type of team you want, your availability, LAN-able?, etc.)
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** deleted **
Name/Alias:Past Teams: MaDMaN/btribe, PROCAL, raov., dX
Position(s): Sniper, but can SMG/MG
How to contact: xfire-skilledmadman
Any Additional Information: 4th S3 CEVO-O with btribe/ 4th S4 CEVO-O with PROCAL/ 1st S5 CEVO-O dX/ 2nd CG-O dX / 3-4th Nerv4 LAN dX
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Name/Aliasemoticon-tongueast Teams: snake:brbchurch/clutch impact team 2/legion team 2
Position(s): play mainly smg but can mg pretty well
How to contact:sn4k378-xfire
Any Additional Information:have cal-im exp but my team got addicted to warhammer so we never practiced. i can be on when ever atm. looking for a dedicated team.
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Name/Alias: AYZEL, AZL, Old People Love Me<span style="white-space: pre;"> </span>
Past Teams: Deified, Upset Gamerz, PVP, FYC
Position(s): MG/SMG/SHOTTIE
How to contact: xfire: can1bus
Any Additional Information: I played at least 4 seasons of cal, 3 IM, Played CEVO s3, s4. Won INTEL desertbash Lan 06 or 07 with FYC. http://www.legit-proof.com/search/?method=guid&query...

I'm active daily, used to stratting weekly. hit me up.
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Name/Alias:Past Teams: spook / never teamed
Position(s): I use an AK for the most part.  Sometimes M4 when situation calls for it
How to contact: xfire: meetspook
Any Additional Information:  Been playing FPS for years, and I'm tired of the lack of tactics/strategy that you get with random teams.  I want to join a team so we can practice working together as a unit.
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Name: Freshr
Teams: Procal,Carbon, Surreal etc etc
Position: Smg but can mg if needed
Xf: shnasquared
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I'm looking for a CoD4 team. Preferable players around 25 years and older.
Just dont wanna play with kiddys.
I play CoD sice CoD2 and started CoD4 on release day. I also played Cod4 EAS in Germany for one season and always ladder matches as well. I would say I'm quite expirienced in this game. I moved to Canada last year and cant play ESL EU any more cause of the high ping.
Fortunately ESL is now in Northamerica too.

I wouldn't mind creating a new team with some other teamless players.
Skill doesn't really matter to me cause eveyone can become a good player in this game. The key is teamplay anyways and for sure it helps if you have some aim...;-)

If you could need someone in your team or wanna create a new team just let me know. Thank you.
Here my ESL EU profile: http://www.esl.eu/de/player/3070896/
Message me via ESL or xfire: flogod
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Name/Alias:Past Teams:
- tweakK
- PG-13
- snipes.
- bLuTearz
- bteezy
- resoLution Gaming
- Custom Gaming

- afterGLOW Gaming
- Awakening eSports
- Complex Gaming
- Icons of Vanity Gaming

Position(s): I play all guns, so whatever gun you need i can play, and play it well.

Any Additional Information:  I'm active, i'm online 4-12 hours a day(sad right?) I love cod4, and i can provide servers, vents, because i am sponsored.
X-Fire: boiisniiper
Steam: boiisniiper
Hit me upemoticon-grin
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Name: Madcap
OTB, Hausen
Position(s): I can scope/assault/spec
How to contact: Xfire: mrmadcap
Any Additional Information: Looking for a serious team, I'm on a lot, I'm always doing strats ect ect. I can lan.
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Name/Alias: Wake
Past Teams: f5, GFE.
Position(s): SMG/AR.
How to contact: Xfire: m0nster22 Steam: m0nster22
Any Additional Information:  Pretty chill. Good at rushing w/smg and pickin w/ak. Looking for a good team that has good players, teamwork and strats. Hit me up on xfire for ring/tryout emoticon-smile!
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Name/Alias: TWOTIMEZZ/mater
Past Teams: HEIS7
Position(s): MG/SMG
How to contact: Xfire: mater11
Any Additional Information: Been playing PC competativly off/on for 5 years. Looking for a team with chill players with good teamwork/strats. I'm 15 years old, on everyday, hit me up on xfire.
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Name: Robotito3000
Teams: kz lethal
Position: demolition smg mg
Xffire: duendejaime
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Name/Alias:Past Teams: Tucker (Ph4TedFuRy)
Position(s): Scope and AK
How to contact: Xfire: ph4tedfury
Any Additional Information: Relaxed yet serious on the playing field team. I make pub vids at youtube/ph4tedfury
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First off i have a sub team but depending on which team scouts me then that team that picks me will be my main.
Name/Aliasemoticon-tongueast Teams: I go by Nightwolf,Daywolf, and THECHEESE. Past teams include DOM5
Position(s): I play mainly SMG but can AK as well. If in dire need im not a bad scope
How to contact: Xfire: jolikoli
Any Additional Information: I am generally agressive unless told not to. I follow orders. In fact i encourage it. I want a team that is very active and scrims a lot to improve experience although i warn you i am only free on weekdays 7pm-10pm and friday 5pm-11pm, saturday 9am-11pm, and sunday 9am-10pm. I am not lan-able. I can have fun, but when it counts i prefer to be serious and play hard.
Play LVL: 1 out of 10: 6.6 most of the time and i am improving steadily.
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Name/Alias: rzorii
Past Teams: none
Position(s): I mainly scope, my strongest, but will also ak47 if scope is filled.
How to contact: xf: carbonxmattyx (gay name I agree emoticon-smileD)
Any Additional Information: Canadian, east coast. 18 years of age. very active. have youtube @mattyediting.
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Name/Alias: JayFree
Position(s): I prefer AK but can also SMG.
How to contact: Xfire: jjthebiplane
Any Additional Information:  17 years old, available to play anyday of the week. Med ak/smg.
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Name/Alias: deMz
Position(s): MG/SMG/SCOPE
How to contact: Xfire: Frpz
Any Additional Information: FUCK OFF FAGGOT
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Name/Alias:Past Teams: MAKKERS / Radical Gaming, Icons Of Vanity
Position(s): Main weapon is AK but I can SMG.
How to contact:  Xfire: god22891
Any Additional Information: Very active, East Coast.
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Past teams: Icons of Vanity, Vicious Gaming, /Vatural eSports(s5), Effects eSports.
Position(s): Mainly MG but can play SMG or scope
How to contact: Xfire:norskibballer
Any Additional Information: Very active and consitant player. I have good knowledge of the game and willing to work hard.
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Name/Alias: jurzR!
Past Teams: Energize
Position(s): I play SMG always, I can use any weapon though, but I also like scope
How to contact: xfire: jerseydesigns
Any Additional Information:  I am aggresive but can play defensive and currently I am at a med level.
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Name/Alias:Past Teams: #Lk , Trance, ENERGIZE
Position(s): I thoroughly enjoy playing smg, I am wanting to become a scope, but I need more practice obviously
How to contact: Xfire - SplatteredBlood Skype - SplatteredBlood- MSN - alex_preece@live.ca
Any Additional Information: 17 years old, I am a very active player, always on after school most of the time. I am more of an aggressive player style, I need a nice flowing team with some nice guys and no cocky people emoticon-smile Iam possibly LAN-able depending on the location but things can be arranged. I am a friendly player and I really enjoy some fun action call of duty, thanks guys emoticon-smile
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Name/Alias:Past Teams: -dave
Position(s): Ex: I play mainly ak
How to contact: Xfire: QQMoreKidd
Any Additional Information:  Looking for a active scrim team for ESL.. I I can lan just about anywhere if the team is good enough. im 23 and live in PA. im pretty new to the game but played cs 1.6 in many leagues and events. just looking to switch games. msg me on xfire to scrim/ring/tryout
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Name: Alexander "#starkzZ" Odencov (I played in europe in cod4 for like 3years, played in good team and attended alot events,cups,championships, 1 year ago i moved in canada and can't continue to play in cod4 in europe because of ping, searching good team in NA with motivation to play on proffesional level and with motivation to attend LAN's.)
Last Teams:
-My Revenge (EU)
-Win5ive (w5)
-Icon of Vanity
Position(s): AK74/AK47
How to contact: xfire: stalker2007ea, IRC: #starkz (QuakeNet), skype: neeos10
Any Additional Information: http://www.esl.eu/ru/player/4078871/#/ru/player/4078871/
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Name/Alias: McRhino - Insanity - teh_lil$ter
Past Teams: HPD - {NY/CT} - HGH - DOM5
Position(s): SMG/AK
How to contact: Xfire:Xybos IRC:#mcrhino
Any Additional Information:  LANable - MED|High teams - Flexible Availability - Starter or BackUp
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