ESL TC Announcement
Get ready Sc2 teams, the ESLTC Summer Series is inbound with a $1,000 prize pool for its inaugural season launch.

ESLTC - Summer

Introducing the ESL Team Cup for Australia and South East Asia
The ESLTC will be Australia’s first Premier Team based StarCraft 2 League run by the ESL team. We are hoping to create an enjoyable and challenging medium for teams and players to show off their skills over many seasons.

About the Season

For season one, we are planning a two tiered competition to take place over three months. The top tier will be a selection of the top 12 teams to sign up.

Two groups of 6 will play in a round robin so each team will play each other twice. One time being all-kill format and the second being pro-league style.

The top teams in each group will advance to the playoffs where they will compete to take the prizes.

The selection process will involve the members of the ESL team selecting 6 of the strongest teams and the remaining 6 will be selected through a qualifier tournament to be held in the week before the launch of the season. Places for the qualifier tournament will also be selected by ESL Admins.

The All-Kill format will be an elimination style format where the winning player stays on until the opposing team has no players left. Maximum of 4 players per side.
The Pro-League style format will be four 1VS1 matches best of 3. With an ace match if required.

Teams can put up any one of their players who have already played to compete in the ace match or a 5th from their roster.

Tier two format will be determined at a later date depending on the number of signups.


We are welcoming any and all signups! Tier one will be limited to the top 12, but tier two will be open for any and all teams to sign up for the first season.

Signups are open as of now! So gather your team, signup on the ESL site by following the instructions below.

How to Signup

Each player must be registered on the ESL site. Team leaders will create the Team on the ESL site using the register team button on this page.

From there follow the instructions for creating a team and invite your players.
Once you have your team post the team link in this thread to register your signup.

Teams must have at least 4 players to sign up and be willing to commit to the three month season. Players can only play for one team a season.

* Signups close on the 14th of November. Team league placements will be announced during the following week as well as the Qualifier tournament for Tier One. *NOTE* We have extended signups by two weeks to the 14th to give teams more time to sort out rosters and to finish some preparation work

Season 2

Playing in Tier two is not just for show. The top teams who place in Tier two will have a shot in Tier one for the next season and some gear may be up for grabs as the season continues.

The lowest two placed teams in Tier One will switch with the highest ranking teams in Tier two for the next season!


The prize pool so far consists of $1,000 which will be split $800 and $200 for first and second respectively.

Tier two winners will be able to compete in Tier One the next season as the bottom two of Tier One will be swapped out with the top two of Tier Two. As the season progresses there may be a chance for gear to be won as well!

Weekly Casters

We need you! If you’re an upcoming caster and want to get your name out there we are looking for casters willing to cast Tier Two games!
Get in contact with us @ Jason.byrne@esl-asia.net

One or Two Tier one games will be selected every week to be showcased on the ESL stream.

Call for Volunteers

Want to be a part of the ESL team?
We are looking for admin volunteers! We need dedicated people to help run our weekly events. Come onboard with us and we’ll show you everything that you need to know! You’ll get to mingle with players and teams from all levels of play.

Any Questions or Queries?
Feel free to email me at Jason.byrne@esl-asia.net and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible
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yay go ESL :D
Pretty keen for this... Good stuff ESL!
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