ESL Versus launch for CS:GO

We are very excited to announce the official launch of ESL Versus for CS:GO Australia! Take your pugging to a whole new level with Versus!

What is Versus?
ESL Versus is a feature full, automated matchmaking system designed for use by all ESL Australia users. Note, Versus is not to be confused with the ESL Gather system which will hopefully be coming soon. Versus targets those competitive players who want to PUG but also want to take it a little more seriously than your usual pickup game. Mumble/Teamspeak/Ventrilo and ESL Wire Anti-Cheat are required!

What does Versus mean for us?
ESL Versus is a simple, automated system that allows users to create their own Versus gathers to play alone or queue with friends. A Versus gather can be loosely likened to an open in-house game or a PUG. If you previously found yourself participating in either of these games ESL Versus will definitely be for you!

Why use Versus?
Versus is a refined and thoroughly tested system. It allows you to queue with friends and it automatically integrates with ESL's famous Wire Anti-Cheat client - effectively enforcing its use in all ESL Versus gathers. On top of all of this, Versus even allows you to use your own game server when you queue.

How do I get started?
- Firstly of course, ensure you're registered on the ESL website!

- Download and install ESL Wire

- Open and Login to ESL Wire, choose NationalESL if you're asked which server you want to log into.

- Queue up with the Versus system. Note: at this stage, at least one of the players queuing must must supply a voice server and game server to use.

- Wait until you're matched with a game. Note this may take a while since the system has just been announced. Invite your friends!

Quick recap:
- Versus is a quick and simple way to play a match with other competitive players and your friends.

- No more cheaters! Versus requires you to use ESL Wire, its in-house anti-cheat system.

- Versus allows you to run games on your own game and voice servers!

With that said, We look forward to hearing your feedback on the Versus system and hope that you all enjoy it! If you experience any problems with the system feel free to contact us!

ESL CS:GO Admin team
f0oster, Friday, 08/31/12 06:55
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Sounds awesome. Quite easy to idle when ready for a game.
Great News
Really hope people take advantage of this feature. That being said, to reach more people attention it would be good if ESL made a thread on GT/CG explaining the purpose of VERSUS, the positives about it and how easy it is to use.
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